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The people ... If we were to summarize what the guild stands for, that is how we would describe it. Guilds are organic in nature as there are never any hard means of their existence and function; but what is the corner stone will and shall always be its people that define it. Immortal Souls comes from a strong heritage of ones that choose to play the game because they enjoy it, because the hindrance of shortcomings is temporary, and because the people is what truly makes the game. United we stood underneath a different banner (UBL); but due to extreme and yet childish tactics we were stripped of that name. Perhaps we should thank the ones that had performed these actions, as awakened are the souls that share a similar voice. We stand firm now in what we believe: no member left behind, no voice unheard, and a means for all to feel a self of ownership to a guild that understands that the people is what makes it. Share your voice...

We currently run the gambit of playing styles (including but not limited to end-game raiding such as T3.5 and T4). Also, we perform T3 crafting twice a week and clear T3 twice a week. Furthermore, we have and do take down ALL bosses in T3.5 and T4. Lastly, we entertain with weekly T2 runs/6 mans/etc. If you too want your voice heard in an environment that's more than a loot/raid factory of a guild, feel free to check us out.

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

~Immortal Soul Officers

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Guild First: Serpent Man Omni-Prophet down!

by G0LDF15H, 1705 days ago

Last boss in Coils down at 4 am! twisted Special thanks to Oak, Hay, Lastman, Clearnight, Bone, Zarcor, Val, Lotus, Russian, Nez and whoever else spent hours on this! woot

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NA First: Entity down on Halloween. NA first to clear T4!!

by Ymar, 2002 days ago


No words can describe your hard efforts in here within the small amount of time. This was a guild effort like all our kills have been. Even though Euro's posted a strat days before the kill....we all know we didn't need it and nor did we use it.

Stand proud...

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